MLS PowerScore(tm) Rankings — Week 29

Oops.  Who’s got two thums and is a slacker and didn’t do rankings last week?  This guy!  Anyway, I’m back and the playoff picture is only marginally clearer, given that there are only two games remaining for most teams.  Who’s in?  Columbus, Chicago, New England, Houston, and Chivas.  Who’s out?  Are those crickets I hear?  Right — no one is out yet.  However, that should finally change this weekend.

1.  Columbus (PR = 1) (PS = 7.39)

Columbus clinched the Supporter’s Shield!  Go Massive!  Anyway, they didn’t look sharp against Chicago in a game that could (and maybe should) have ended 4-4.  Let’s hope they don’t slack for the next two games; otherwise, they may return to Columbus in a big hole in the second leg of the first round of the playoffs.

2.  Chivas USA (2) (7.02)

These guys are really coming on and have at least an outside shot of overtaking Houston for the Western Conference championship.  More importantly, they definitely could threaten Houston’s recent dominance in the West in the playoffs.

3.  Houston (4) (5.99)

Houston continues to cruise towards home-field advantage.  But will they trip up tonight against a desperate San Jose team?

4.  Chicago (5) (5.29)

Chicago isn’t yet back in form, but seeing McBride score finally has got to warm some hearts in Chi-town.

5.  Kansas City (9) (5.23)

As it stands, KC is on the doorstep of the playoffs.  It looks like they’re going to prove me both right and wrong… or wrong and right.  Not sure.

6.  FC Dallas (6) (5.14)

Dallas is far from set for a playoff spot and they have two road games left after RSL and the Galaxy.  For their sake, they best hope that the Galaxy have been eliminated by the time that last game comes around.

7.  New England (7) (4.70)

New England is in the playoffs already, but the fact that they’re the lowest-ranked team to have clinched a spot doesn’t bode well for them.  Nor, of course, does Ralston’s broken leg.

8T.  Real Salt Lake (8) (4.33)

Ha!  Not to toot my own horn, but given the current playoff car-wreck, isn’t it funny and apt that three teams are tied for eighth, i.e., the last playoff spot.  Ha!  Personally, I’m thinking that RSL will emerge from this mess with the berth.

8T.  Los Angeles (12) (4.33)

LA stays alive, but for how long?

8T.  Toronto (14) (4.33)

Toronto is barely clinging to life, but they have a scheduling advantage: their next game is against Chicago, who have clinched a playoff berth, and they finish against San Jose, who’s likely to have been eliminated by then.  Then again, Toronto is likely to have been eliminated by then as well.

11.  Colorado (3) (4.13)

Colorado doesn’t have the Mo right now.

12.  New York (11) (3.64)

New York is playing flat-out ugly soccer right now.

13.  San Jose (10) (3.50)

They appear to have run out-of-gas just short of the finish line, but can get a second wind (mix metaphors much?) if they beat Houston.

14.  DC United (13) (3.21)

If New York is playing ugly soccer, then DC is playing some other, far uglier sport entirely.  Like hockey.


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